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When is the Best Time to Prune Your Trees in North Carolina?

Tree pruning is essential for all the trees on your property. Every 2 to 5 years, depending on the species, you should plan to prune your trees to ensure proper growth and spread. An unpruned tree will not grow as tall or as strong as it could and will also be unsightly. A neatly-trimmed tree means better property values and a longer-lasting investment.

Winter is bar-none the best season to trim your trees thanks to their dormancy. During every other season, trees are using resources for growing processes. The process of tree trimming in the spring, summer or fall can cause undue stress on trees. There are also many other benefits to pruning trees during the winter months.

Improved Visibility

Perhaps the most obvious reason to schedule a tree pruning in the winter is to allow for the best visibility. Without leaves on the tree, it is easier to see the target branches that need to be trimmed and find imperfections to be removed.

Avoid Insects and Disease

You should schedule a tree trimming service for specific species of trees only in the winter. Insects and disease are more common in warmer months and can be attracted to the sap of some trees. Disease present in one tree is also less likely to spread to your other trees if you prune in the winter as they are dormant. During the winter, your trees will be less susceptible to stress because they have time to heal before bugs return in the spring.

Less Damage to Surrounding Landscapes

Finally, tree pruning is an excellent option in the winter because your other landscaping will not suffer as much stress or damage from heavy equipment, foot traffic, and fallen branches. Snow cover will also prevent damage to your grass, shrubs and perennials.

Hire the Local Experts to Trim Your Trees

If you have certain species of trees or are looking to maximize the impact of a good tree trimming, you should consider scheduling a pruning during the winter. Both you and your trees will experience a lot less stress. To schedule your next tree trimming project, contact the team at RK Preferred Landscaping today.

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