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Enhance your lawn’s health with a core aeration and increase the thickness of your yard with overseeding from the experts at RK Preferred, a top-rated company providing the best lawn aeration in Charlotte, Indian Trail, Matthews, Wesley Chapel and many surrounding areas.

Core Aeration Charlotte, NC

Lawn maintenance goes beyond the usual tasks of mowing and applying fertilizer. This is particularly true for yards that experience heavy foot traffic from events or children playing. When a lawn is subjected to increased traffic, the soil beneath becomes compacted, impeding the flow of water and nutrients to the roots of the grass. Consequently, the growth of the grass is hindered, and it becomes less vigorous. 

Fortunately, this issue can be resolved through the process core aeration. Aeration involves the mechanical removal of cores comprised of turf, soil and roots, allowing water and nutrients to reach the soil more effectively.

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Should You D.I.Y. Lawn Aeration?

Among all lawn services, core aeration is one task that should definitely not be attempted as a “do-it-yourself” project. While it may be tempting to use handheld aerators or tow-behind “spike aerators” for your lawn tractor, this method actually increases compaction as the machinery drives into the ground. In contrast, a mechanical core aerator pulls out cores, reducing compaction at the surface. Our expert lawn crew is trained and equipped with the proper tools to loosen the soil without harming your grass or landscape beds.

Overseeding Services

If you have noticed a decrease in the thickness of your yard, it may be beneficial to consider overseeding with grass seed. Overseeding is a popular and cost-effective solution for rejuvenating thinning lawns.

With proper watering following the application, the new grass seed revitalizes tired lawns, helping them regain their lushness and vibrancy. As experts in lawn seeding in greater Charlotte and the surrounding areas, our team can assess whether overseeding is the right choice for your yard, or if a total lawn renovation and installing new sod would be more advantageous.

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