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Does your yard pool up every time it rains? Contact the Indian Trail, NC lawn drainage pros at RK Preferred Landscaping today. Serving residential and commercial clients throughout greater Charlotte.

Landscape Drainage Specialists Charlotte, Indian Trail & More

Are you experiencing spongy spots or standing water in your lawn or landscape after watering? Is water seeping into your basement or leaving a lot of your yard unusable? Your lawn may be suffering from drainage problems. There are numerous contributing factors to a lawn having problems with drainage. Such as an improper grade in the yard, or the landscaping surrounding the foundation of your house, commercial building, shed or other structure directing water towards your building or home, when it should be distributed away from structures. Drainage issues can also occur in newly built buildings if the topsoil around the foundation was not filled in and compacted down, or has settled out of the blue. Our Charlotte lawn drainage technicians are well-versed in solving drainage problems of all varieties on both residential and commercial properties.

To get an estimate for solving drainage problems on your property, request a quote or call us today at (704) 343-8885 to learn more about our yard and landscape drainage solutions in Indian Trail, Charlotte and surrounding communities.

French Drain Installation

A French drain, commonly called a drain tile system, involves the installation of drainage pipe at the base of a trench filled with gravel. With a proper French drain installation, water is redirected to a designated area on the property. Many homeowners view French drain system installation as a simple DIY project. However, an improperly installed French drain system can do more harm than good. Our well-versed lawn and landscape drainage crews will often use laser-guided equipment to ensure the ideal grade is kept through the entire French drain system. This allows for maximum water flow throughout the seasons to mitigate any potential water issues.

Fill out our quote request today to schedule a consultation for a French drain installation.

Dry Creek Beds

A dry creek bed is an increasingly popular approach to solving yard drainage that brings a more natural appearance to your property. The construction process is similar in which a trench is dug, but instead of drain tile our crew will install varying sizes of rocks and boulders to create the aesthetic of a creek in the wilderness. The creek will have the capability to collect and absorb water into the soil beneath during rain events and snow melt. When there is a large volume of water, this particular drainage system will generally work in conjunction with your property’s existing grade to move water down a slope to a designated drainage area.

Downspout Extensions & Additional Solutions

Most yard drainage issues are a result of water making its way through your gutter system and being dispersed into the grass or a landscape bed that is conducive for water to pool up. An ideal remedy for this situation is installing an underground downspout extension with drain tile and a pop-up emitter to direct the water away from the area so your foundation isn’t compromised.

If your home or business property in greater Charlotte is suffering from landscape drainage problems and a unique solution is required, whether that is starting over fresh by removing your existing lawn and landscape, re-grading, renovating and installing new plants and decorative rock with a proper slope, or constructing a French drain system, get in touch with the yard drainage experts at RK Preferred Landscaping by giving us a call at (704) 343-8885 or filling out our online quote request form.

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