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9 Best Trees to Plant in Your North Carolina Landscaping

Greater Charlotte is a beautiful area of North Carolina with a diverse range of trees. If you are a homeowner or business property manager and planning to plant trees in your yard, it can be quite overwhelming to choose the right ones. You want trees that are easy to maintain, grow well in the region, and enhance the overall beauty of your property. With so many options available, where do you start? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the nine best trees to plant in the greater Charlotte region of North Carolina.


The dogwood tree is a popular choice for homeowners in Charlotte because of its stunning blooms that appear in springtime. These trees are low maintenance and can thrive in both full sun and partial shade.
Red Maple: The red maple is another great option for homeowners who want to add color to their yard throughout the year. This tree has striking red foliage during the fall season and grows well in a variety of soil types.

Southern Magnolia

The southern magnolia is an iconic tree in the south and adds an elegant touch to any yard. They produce large white flowers during late spring and early summer while also providing ample shade year-round.

Crepe Myrtle

Crepe myrtles are known for their vibrant pink, purple or white flowers that bloom from summer through fall. These trees grow quickly and require minimal maintenance making them ideal for busy homeowners.

Live Oak

Live oaks are native to the southeastern United States and have long been admired for their strength and beauty. They provide excellent shade during hot summers while also adding character to your property.

Eastern Redbud

The eastern redbud is one of the first trees to bloom each spring producing clusters of bright pink or purple flowers before leaves emerge. This tree thrives in full sun or partial shade making it perfect for many yards in Charlotte.

River Birch

The river birch is a fast-growing tree that can reach up to 50 feet tall. They are known for their stunning bark which peels away to reveal shades of peach, salmon, and brown. This tree thrives in moist soil and partial shade.

Leyland Cypress

If you’re looking for a tree that provides privacy, the Leyland cypress is an excellent choice. These trees grow quickly and can reach heights of up to 70 feet while also requiring minimal maintenance.

Bald Cypress

The bald cypress is another great option for homeowners who want a low maintenance tree that adds character to their yard. These trees have striking foliage during the fall season and can grow well in both wet and dry soil conditions.

Boost Aesthetics With Help From RK Preferred

Choosing the right trees to plant in your yard can be challenging but with this guide, you now have a better idea of what species will thrive in greater Charlotte’s climate and soil conditions. Whether you want to add color, privacy or simply enhance the beauty of your property, there’s a tree on this list perfect for your needs! Contact the experts at RK Preferred Landscaping today to schedule a design consultation for your next planting project.

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